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My friend, Matthew Piscitelli, is working on his Anthropology Ph.D. dissertation. I recently helped him create a logo for the archeological dig he is leading in Huaricanga, Peru this summer (named the Huaricanga Archeological Research Project, or HARP). I wanted to share what I came up with since I was happy with the result, and to shed some light on a project that is interesting in its own right.

Logos are important because they are one succinct representation of an organization. Additionally, logos must avoid including photos since photos limit the flexibility of a logo – photos have no branding value because they don’t scale in size and are very difficult to adapt for any use (such as letterheads, T-shirts, posters, hats, seals, etc.). With this in mind, I came up with several initial sketches. These sketches incorporate huancas, which are iconic standing stones seen at one of the Peruvian sites Matt works at:

Huancas, the iconic stones shown in the picture, were the centerpiece for the logo concepts sketched below. These sketches were made in the beautifully designed iPad app, Paper by FiftyThree.

The most important characteristic of the logo ideas is the perspective angle of the huancas. Matt’s research is concerned with how power was established via rituals, and it is ultimately this power that dominated the landscape and people surrounding the huancas. The perspective angle of the huancas as drawn in the sketches adds the symbolism of hierarchy: the seemingly taller structure visually dominates the logo and the land surrounding it compared to the shorter structure. From these sketches, I finally arrived at this logo:

Matt does a great job of chronicling his work on the HARP blog, Digging Peru. Huaricanga is one of the oldest cities in the world, and the findings from HARP will give us insight into the social dynamics of power.

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