Government Funds Technology Entrepreneurs

Wired published this article a few weeks ago on the government’s plan to fund a technology entrepreneurship program at Stanford. The whole point of this $10 million program is to emend how engineers are trained in this country. IMO, this is a great investment by the government—we need technology-based entrepreneurship (and not more “me-too” social media companies claiming to be the next Facebook) to create more jobs in today’s world. I’ve criticized the education system earlier on this blog, but this is great progress. I couldn’t have put it better myself than this:

Think of [this program] as a recognition by the government that entrepreneurship isn’t being taught by MBA programs, but instead has been developed collectively by the culture of Silicon Valley, which has developed a culture of fast development where products are continually upgraded in small — often daily — steps, constant attention to customer needs, and a focus on measuring everything.

Kudos to the government for trying to provide technically competent people a platform through which they can make companies (and jobs) that can improve everybody’s quality of life.

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