I'm Vivek Bhatia, and Pixelspring is my Boston-based web design company. I design websites, write web content, and understand the needs of science and engineering companies.



My websites are written in standards-compliant XHTML and CSS to optimize sites for search engines and provide design flexibility. I also use content management systems, like Wordpress and Drupal.


People reading websites are impatient. The web is a medium entirely different from print, so I write content that is easily scannable, while still conveying all critical information—differentiating you among scientific sites.


My background is in Engineering, Chemistry, and Classics. This diverse training gives me a unique advantage when creating websites for small businesses and scientific groups. Simply put, I speak your language.


I was just thinking...

(Latest from the Springboard blog)

HBR on Managing Health Care

I like medicine, and I like technology, so I recently picked up the Harvard Business Review on Managing Health Care for inspiration on how I might make my own contribution to the industry. This book is a compilation of 8 case studies on the health care industry. While it's a bit dated (it came out in 2007), I think it still does justice to the absurdity of things happening in health care. More...

Opportunity in a Bad Economy

The US and global economies are hung-over from the last several years of risky-lending parties in the finance world. As a result, companies are cutting down on costs by downsizing staff or minimizing the scope of any projects that don't directly generate profit (such as R&D or Marketing projects). More...

"Vivek was very professional, set out a plan and stuck to it... he had a very good eye for creating interesting and pleasing web pages..."
Dr. Jim Greer
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